Waxy Boutique | Waxing, Threading, Eyelash Extensions, Skin Care Services, Calgary, AB
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Waxy’s Full Service Menu

Waxing Services

  • Service Price
    Lip $15
    Chin $15
    Sideburn $15
    Full Face (brows, lips, sideburn, chin) $55
    Underarms $20
    Half Arms $35
    Full Arms $45
    Upper Legs $50
    Lower Legs $45
    Full Legs $80
    Tummy Trail $10
    Full Stomach $35
    Half Stomach $20
    Lower Back $25
    Full Back $50
    Bikini Line $40
    Bikini Extended $48
    Brazilian First Time at Waxy $70
    Brazilian Loyalty 4 weeks only $60
    Brazilian/Maintenance within 5-6 weeks $65
    Brazilian/Maintenance within 7-8 weeks $68
    Brazilian for mums-to-be $70
    The other cheeks $30
  • Brazilian First Time
  • Brazilian First Time at Waxy $70
    Simple. Everything gone: front, back and everything in between. Feeling artistic? Landing strip, martini glass, diamond etc. We do it all if preferred some hair left.

  • Service Price
    Brow Design (All first time clients must be booked) $30
    Brow Maintenance $25
    Underarms $25
    Half Arms $35
    Full Arms $55
    Upper Legs $60
    Lower Legs $50
    Full Legs $90
    Full Chest $65
    The other Cheeks $40
    Half Back $35
    Full Back $65
    Shoulders $22
    Full Back & Shoulders $70
    Nostrils $20
    Ears $25


  • Sugaring Services
    • Service

      Brazilian first time Sugaring $75
      Brazilian Sugaring/Maintenance (within 6-7 weeks) $70
      Bikini Line Sugaring $45
      Bikini extended Sugaring $55
      Lip/chin sugaring $12
      Underarms sugaring $22
      Only For Ladies  
      Hard Wax Price
      Bikini Line $45
      Bikini Extended $55
      Brazilian First Time at Waxy $75
      Brazilian/Maintenance within 5-6 weeks $70


  • We do Sugaring!


      • 100% sanitary
      • Less painful than traditional waxing
      • 100% organic, safe and effective
      • 100% natural no chemicals or resins
      • Sugar Paste is lukewarm so gentle on skin
      • Skin stays smoother longer
      • Extracts shorter hairs than wax (⅛ to ¼ inch)
      • Significant hair reduction over time
      • Improves skin texture and tone

Additional Services

  • Waxy-Brazi-Vajacial (Included Brazilian wax)
  • Staring with gentle Brazilian wax Following with Vajacial treatment. Is a detoxifying treatment, superficial treatment, and meant to combat ingrowns.
    Cleanses and exfoliates the area by using lancets to pick out any ingrown and then applying a mask, which also helps to calm the skin and reduce any irritation and ending the treatment with a moisturizing cream.



  • Waxy-Vajacial (No Waxing included)
  • The WaxyVajacial treats in-grown hairs, removes dead skin cells and smooths bumps around the bikini area, prevents acne and helps maintain healthy, hydrated skin with an exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy Acid scrub, followed by an expert application of an acid peel to help free those trapped hairs and blocked pores.
    This service is best and most effective one or two weeks after your Brazilian wax or Sugaring.


*All prices may change without notice.